CCTV Paintings and Drawings

I am developing a way of working that uses a CNC machine to apply paint and other media. The machine shares a lot of components with equipment like 3D printers, however the end result is far from the contrived designs that these printers produce. I am interested in the ghost in the machine. I can instruct my machine to do something and it does not stop until it is finished. The paintings and drawings produced are akin to the works that a studio assistant might produce for an artist’s studio. I can take risks with the subject matter and approach using this machine that I would struggle to justify if it was just me producing these works.

During Covid Lockdown I have become interested in using global CCTV cameras as subject matter; looking outside of my four walls. I have produced a series of drawings of Lovell Telescope. This subject is something reasonably close to me geographically but may as well be a million miles away, because I cannot visit it during lockdown. I think of this telescope searching into space as a metaphor for this approach to making art.

I am interested in making art that re-contextualises technology’s role within the arts, just like tubed paint created the opportunity for plein air paintings for the impressionists. CCTV is seen as a dystopian global panopticon spying on us all. This is an understandable concern, however during Covid times I take comfort in using this network to connect with the world. I intend to develop this process to make paintings based on CCTV feeds around the world. In turn I intend to capture the process and making these paintings with the public via live streaming from my studio.