Artist living and working in Bolton.
Co-founder of @boltoncontemporary

Croydon College, Foundation Diploma, 1998
De Montfort University, Leicester, BA Hons (Fine Art), 2001
Goldsmiths College, PGCE Secondary (Art), 2002

Selected Exhibitions
“Tap”, APT Gallery, London, 2004
“Feel ‘it Gushin”, Galleryesque, London, 2005
Deptford X, Studio 2B1, London, 2005
“Atelier”, The Berwick Road Gallery, London, 2008
“Repeat Repeat”, Freelands Foundation, London, 2019
“If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail” DODO at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton, 2019
“Manchester Open Exhibition 2020”, HOME Manchester, 2020
“Talking Sense”, Portico Library, 2020
“Drawing Beyond Itself”, AIR Gallery, Manchester, 2020
“The Walker Family: Identity & Philanthropy”, Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, 2021
“Julie’s Bob”, Terrace Gallery, London, 2021
“Manchester Open Exhibition 2022”, HOME Manchester, 2022
“Interpretation” solo show. The Edge, Manchester, 2022
“Making of the Sausage” solo show. Part of A Modest Show, Manchester, 2022
“Drawn In” The Turnpike, Leigh, 2022
“Expanded Painting”, AIR Gallery, Manchester, 2022
“round the corner, down the stairs” PS Mirabel, Manchester, 2022
“A Generous Space 2” The New Art Gallery, Walsall, 2022
“Wish You Were Here”, Terrace Gallery, London, 2022
Plant Life, Art Oasis, Frinton-on-Sea, 2022Warrington Contemporary Open, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. 2022

Residency and Professional Development
DNA Project, University of Manchester, 2020
Making of Us professional development programme, Turnpike,2021
Creative Engagement Facilitator for Bolton’s Cultural Education Partnership, 2022
A New Exchange, The Turnpike, 2022-23
Let’s Get Phygital: Blended Participation (As Bolton Contemporary), Axis Art, 2022
A Modest Show Artists Mentoring Programme, 2022-23
Streets Apart, Artist in Residence, Wigan, 2022-23
CTRL – Creative Technology Research Labs, The Lowry, 2023

Selected Talks & Lectures
The Turner Prize Teachers’ Evening in 2008 & 2009*
ICA Reading Room launch, 2009 “A Short History of Mastication”, NMMAG, London, 2010
Institute of Education, PGCE Secondary (Art). 2015, 2016
*with Henry Ward as Amalgum
Drawing from Machines: Pen Plotters in Contemporary Art. Arts University Bournemouth. 2022.

Co-Founder and Co-Director
Bolton Contemporary